Tres Cabezas GmbH


Berlin 2016

Robert Stock and Sascha Spittel, the owners of Tres Cabezas, opened the 19grams Chaussee as their second location in Berlin. The coffeeshop is located on Chausseestraße 36, 10178 Berlin.


01 Concept 
02 Design 
03 Planning 

04 Realization 
05 Artistic Supervision 
06 Styling


The architecture of this place was quite difficult to play with but fun at the same time. It has a long narrow room that offers split-levels in the back. We decided to provide the different levels with different types of room-function.

The building itself tells the story about “the old berlin”. The landlord decided to leave the facade of the building just exactly as it was, marked with it`s rough character, and just to renovate the inside.

We wanted to connect to the story and left the visible brick walls, the old staircase and integrated some vintage elements. 

The first section is the entrance area, where you will find the counter and some high tables where to wait for your take-away-coffee or simply sitting at one of the barstools, enjoying your sip of coffee while looking out of the big window. If you will follow the room, you will find a more private section with some leather detailed furniture and a one-to-one sitting area. Upstairs (first floor) we introduced a dining room with wooden cottage planks and a big vintage sharing table as well as some round smaller ones. The walls are painted in a mid-dark green, so you`ll feel more private and cozy. Another three steps away there is a small lounge area with a vintage leather couch and some leather lounge chairs where you can experience low seating and feel very cozy as well. Going even further you will find yourself standing at the so called balkony, which we provided with some outdoor furniture and some typical balcony flowerpots hanging over the ballustrade. From there you can overlook the whole space. 


Carpenter work




Urban Industrial