Café & Roastery


Tres Cabezas GmbH


Berlin 2018

Robert Stock and Sascha Spittel, the owners of Tres Cabezas, opened the 19grams Roastery - which also is their new office base, an event location, a La Marzocco showroom as well as a trainee lab - as their third location in Berlin. The Roastery is located on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 13, 10178 Berlin, along the Hackesche Meile, right behind and parallel to the S-Bahn rail tracks.


01 Concept 
02 Design 
03 Planning 

04 Realization 
05 Artistic Supervision 
06 Styling


The roastery & café concept was meant to be an open and very translucent space, where everybody could see what is happening “behind the walls”. Being part of the roastery process, sneeking into how do people work in the coffee industry, watching cuppings and barista tranings. So we decided to install basically no “real walls”.  The division of the different areas is made through very slim steel-glass elements, which are raising up 3m high until they hit the beams. The space offers many different types of use. It is divided in mainly two parts. The Café and the Roastery.

Inside the roastery you`ll find of course the main roasting mashine, the office spaces, packaging benches, the La Marzocco Showroom, the lab with the smaller roaster and a 3m long cupping table.

The center of the café space is the wooden bar counter. You can sit either on the bar, the window side, where you`ll find S-Bahn benches, organized in Diner-position or just right in between. In summertime there will be opened a big outdoor garden with many seating spaces installed. 

There is another space just in between the café and the roastery, that follows the “room inside a room”- concep, also made out of the slim glass-steel walls. It has window benches and a huge sharing table for more than 15 people to sit or work on. Because of the two massive sliding doors on each end of the room, the people in the shop can spontaneously decide if they want it eather to be part of the B2C area or if they will close it for a bigger meeting or a teaching class and combine it towards the B2B area. 

The interior design concept was about integrating some of the aspects, the roastery and 19grams/Tres Cabezas would stand for: transparancy, craftmanship, using raw materials, high quality, minimalism and the close bond they have with Costa Rica and surfing. The only materials we used are natural oak, raw steel and concrete. The cupping room/roastery lab is built from recycled shipping containers. The way in which the raw beans are transported to Europe. The warmth of the place is made by implementing lots of green and wood. You will enter a costa rican banana plantation once you head downstairs to the toilets. 

All the furniture and lights have been scouted carefully in terms of sustainibility without missing a very fresh and minimal look, we have been striving for.  


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