Deli & Café


Urban Food Design GmbH


Berlin 2016

Corsini Deli is located on the S-Bahn outdoor area of S-Bhf Wannsee as part of the Deutsche Bahn shops. It was honored as the most beautiful “Deutsche Bahn Shop” in the year of 2017.  The address is Kronprinzessinenweg 250, 14109 Berlin. 


01 Concept 
02 Design 
03 Planning 

04 Artistic Supervision 

05 Styling


This was actually my first project I did by myself, after working together with Studio Aisslinger for a long time. So you can imagine that I was quiet excited!

We combined two shops into one and teared basically everything down that was inside before. The new geometry of the room was very stretched then. In order to bring it all together as one experience, we introduced some specific areas that would flow into eachother. An open kitchen, a tiled counter right in front of the entrance, some center piece tables in the middle of the room, a sharing table area, some window seating and a bistro atmosphere in the very back of the room. The use of repetitive materials and colors would help to connect these areas.  

The concept was about creating a fresh and natural Look & Feel. We used natural oak wood, some green tiles and MANY plants. 

The typical Deli atmosphere was achieved by implementing some playful elements such as pendant shelves with books and cookies on it, accessories like an old weighing machine or bowls filled with seasonal fruits and plants spreaded over the space, customers could buy.