Pie in the Sky


Berlin 2018

Mikael and Robert, two men who could not be more sympatical but different, opened the Pizzeria in summer 2018 in Neukölln. The location is at Hobrechtstraße 57, 12047 Berlin.


01 Concept 
02 Design 
03 Planning 

04 Artistic Supervision 


When the guys from Gazzo asked us to help them with the Design for their new location we were busy as hell. But I thought it would be so much fun creating an interior concept for a Pizzeria - especially in Neukölln - that I decided to offer at least some kind of Art Direction in terms of guiding through themes like furniture selection, materials, colors, etc.

It was quiet clear from the beginning, that it should not look too fancy or stylish, but that it should be maximum cozy with a certain wink in the eye.

Colorwise we decided on a rosé, darkgreen and light beige (modifications from the original italian flag colors). We kept everything simple but fresh and natural. Some new tiles have been introduced all over the place. The pink ones in the kitchen, the green ones in the backoffice and the light beige ones inside the guestroom. We kept some walls as rustic as they`ve been and combined it with some new plastered ones. 

We designed a separee with some long upholstered benches along the walls and paired them with some vintage chairs. The rounded rose coloured wall lamps and the yellow curtain are there helping to radiate some fresh appearance. 

The counter, made out of plywood, with the Gustavi Di Gazzo bust placed on top of it, is the center piece of the main room. Wooden sharing tables and freshly upholstered chairs with some green textiles as well as wooden chairs are introduced inside the main room spreading some general cozyness and harmony. There is an industrial shelf, where you can see the sourdough (the Gazzo pizza is made out of sourdhough) growing! You can also easily see right into the pink colored kitchen and observe Mikael and the Gazzo team at work. The atmosphere is quiet private and familiar. They would even hang their kitchen linen - laundry right next to your table. 

You will find some interesting art pieces all over Gazzo. Robert is collecting and hanging them carefully and makes sure the place does not look anything but inspiring. 

Inside the toilets you can listen to some Pavarotti music while enjoying the view of Tuscany.

The pink neon sign saying GAZZO above the entrance was meant to be catchy and straight forward. You should not be afraid to walking in - everybody is welcoming you very warmly and the atmosphere is sort of special. The Pizza is very tasty too! 

Pairing up with Mikael and Robert was crazy and fun at the same time. We had these kind of meetings where I went out and thought the worst because we changed and developed things straight on site. Although this is not what a ideal workflow is about,  I don`t want to miss this collaboration. Thank you guys!


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