Café & Roastery


HAN Coffee Roasters


Berlin 2016

Maison Han, which was opened by Duc Nguyen in 2016, is a vietnamese lunch spot and the home of HAN Coffee Roasters. The vietnamese coffee roastery is located in the heart of Neukölln at Pannierstraße 40, 12047 Berlin. 


01 Concept 
02 Design 
03 Planning 


How to tell the story of Vietnam and implement it into a former “Berliner Kneipe”? A main part of the concept was the decision to leave some of the old, charming and original character, the space had to offer, such as the brick walls, the industrial floor and the old wooden entrance door and combine it with some new and fresh looking elements. We wanted to create a place that feels busy, filled with “things” - so no minimalism here - to achieve a maximum of chilled, tropical cozyness.

We covered half of the walls with some plaster in form of different shapes of triangles, giving a hint of the vietnamese hilly skyline, where their coffee is growing. We knew right from the beginning that there will be a lot of big plants and some dark green elements, such as shelves and planters, to transfer all the different shades of green that Vietnam has to offer, right into the space.

A lot of massive natural wood is introduced in order to give it a very natural atmosphere. You can either choose sitting at big wooden sharing tables and make some new friends, having a more private chat at a table for two or even sit just by yourself on the long benches in front of the huge wooden framed windows and have a look at what`s going on outside the neighbourhood of Neukölln. You will find beautiful handwoven PET lamps from Àlvaro Catalán, hanging above the counter, which are an homage on traditional craftmanship, which is also a main part of vietnamese culture.
In different areas, sometimes even hidden behind a bird-of-paradise-plant, you will notice some interesting pictures of Vietnam, giving an authentic sense of what this country looks like and its special atmosphere is about. The neon signs saying “coffee” and “roastery” are there for catching the eyes into each field and transport - as a contrast - the berlin kind of coolness. Thanks to the huge windows, the space is full of light and you will find many interesting magazines besides delicious, fresh food and great coffee!